Asphalt Crushing Equipment Price

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Asphalt Crushing Equipment Price

Asphalt Recycling Plant

Asphalt is the material used to bond aggregate materials together in asphalt concrete or asphalt shingles. Much of the asphalt and concrete in roadway use today is recycled material. Many recycled roadways are recycled while the roadway is being resurfaced for immediate reuse. Recycling asphalt reduces industrial waste and saves money by reducing disposal costs as well as the cost of transport to landfills.

CME provides complete range of asphalt recycling plant for sale, including asphalt crushing equipment, screening machine, belt conveyor, classifier, separation machine etc. We also customize recycling solution according to specific requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Asphalt Crusher Equipment

The broken asphalt rubble is conveyed by belt conveyor into an primary jaw crusher, which can be adjusted to accept many different sizes of rubble. The crusher uses several rollers covered with interlocking teeth to reduce the asphalt rubble into smaller pieces.

The screening machine separates oversized materials from the smaller stone. The oversize waste asphalt materials will go through impact crusher or cone crusher for further size reduction, until meets requirements of the reusing applications.

Mobile Jaw Crusher for Asphalt Recycling

Being compact, efficient and intelligent, The optimized mobile jaw crusher meets the challenges of contract crushing today, combining excellent mobility, high crushingcapacity and good availability.

The jaw crusher is equipped with a setting adjustment system and releases the crusher cavity to open in the event of hitting non-crushable, oversized material. The new protective system improves greatly to crusher availability, especially in recycling applications. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for more information.