Cement Mill Plant

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Cement Mill Plant

Overview of Cement Mill Plant

Cement Crushing and homogenizing --> Preparation of raw material --> Raw material homogenization --> Preheat decomposition --> the burning of cement clinker --> Cement grinding mill (Ball Mill or Vertical Mill) --> Cement Packing

The cement mill plant consists of raw material grinding, blending, pre-calcining, clinker burning and cement grinding. In short, limestone and other materials containing calcium, silicon, aluminum and iron oxides are crushed and grinded into a raw meal. This raw meal is blended and then heated into the pre-heating system (cyclones) to start the dissociation of calcium carbonate to oxide. The raw meal goes further into the kiln for heating and reaction between calcium oxide and other elements to form calcium silicates and aluminates at t a temperature up to 1450 cent degree: so called clinker burning. The cyclone system is connected to the rotary oven by a riser duct. Secondary fuel is fed to the riser duct, the most fuel mixture, cement/petcock, fires the oven. Reaction product leave the oven as a nodular material known as clinker. The clinker are underground with mineral and different materials to cement.

Main Equipment In Cement Mill Plant

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Cement Mill Plant Manufacturer

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