Aluminum ore production line

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Aluminum ore production line

Aluminum introduction

The relative density of aluminum is 2.70. As one of the most abundant element in the Earth's crust, aluminum is widely used in aerospace, construction, automotive industry, which are the three most important industries in national economy.

Aluminum Beneficiation process

Mineral ore firstly be sent to the jaw crusher for preliminary broken. After reaching a reasonable fineness, they were fed into ball mill for secondary crushing.

After grinding by a ball mill, the ore fines are fed into spiral classifier. By the principle of different solid particles have different sedimentation rate in liquid, spiral classifier washing the mixture of ore and grading them.

After washing and grading, mineral mixture were fed into the magnetic separation. Due to the different susceptibility of various minerals, magnetic and mechanical force can separate the magnetic material from the mixture materials.

After magnetic separating, mineral particles were sent to the flotation separation. Now, put into different chemicals according to mineral characteristics, so you can make the minerals and other substances to be separated.

After the minerals being separated, they were taken into thickener for initial concentrating. Then, after drying, you can get dry materials.

Mineral production line is composed of jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, flotation machine, concentrator and dryer with the feeder, elevator, conveyor. This production line features high efficiency, energy saving, reasonable, economical and high productivity.

China Aluminum ore production line

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