Antimony Ore Beneficiation Equipment

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Antimony Ore Beneficiation Equipment

Significant application of antimony ore

Antimony ore was used for producing antimony products. Antimony also alloyed with other metal to increase its hardness and strength. Stuffs that contain antimony are battery plates, bearing alloys, printing alloy ( type ), solder, cable sheath and bullet; pewter can be used as sheet metal stamping dies, antimony of high purity can be used in the computer industry to make semiconductors. Antimony is also used for pigments in plastics, paints, rubber, and for a wide variety of minor uses, including medicines, fireworks, and others.

Antimony ore beneficiation--bring you considerable benefits

With the recovery in mineral market, the demand of antimony ore is relatively increase. Due to its significant application,antimony ore has drawn more and more attention. Businessmen still have a lot of potential benefits to gain in antimony industry.

Antimony ore beneficiation equipment

The choice of antimony ore beneficiation equipment was determined by the nature of the antimony ore and beneficiation process. Only by choosing the suitable equipment can we have more benefits.

As a leading manufacturer of mining industry, Shanghai CME machinery co,. Ltd,can provide you a complete production line with high quality and operating cost.

The main equipment involved in this production line are jaw crusher, impact crusher, ball mill, classifier, flotation separator, jigging machines and other antimony ore dressing equipment.

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