Antimony Ore Beneficiation

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Antimony Ore Beneficiation

Properties and applications of antimony

The content of antimony in the crust is 0.0001%, and mainly exists in the form of elemental or stibnite, senarmontite, valentinite and antimony ocher. At present, we know about 120 antimony-containing minerals. Antimony is hard and brittle. Tungsten mine is easily crushed, shiny, non-ductile and malleable. With the development of science and technology, antimony is now widely used in the production of flame retardants, enamel, glass, rubber, paint, pigments, ceramics, plastics, semiconductor devices, fireworks, pharmaceutical and chemical products sectors.

Beneficiation methods of antimony

1. Hand picking of antimony ore

Hand picking of antimony ore is on the principle that it has different color, luster and shape with gangue minerals. This dressing method is primitive and labor-intensive, but can output large, high-quality antimony concentrate and can reduce beneficiation costs and energy consumption. Hand picking of antimony ores is generally conduct on picking belt. Sometimes, it is also completed in pit or mine mouth.

2. Gravity separation of antimony ore

Gravity separation is suitable for most antimony ores for antimony ore has large density, coarse mineral particles and was easy separated from gangue. Gravity separation is energy-saving, convenient and environmental-friendly.

3. Flotation separation of antimony ore

Flotation separation is a common method for antimony ore beneficiation. Antimony sulfide minerals are easy-floating mineral, so flotation method is often used to improve ore grade.

Antimony processing plant

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