Complete Small Scale Copper Mining System

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Complete Small Scale Copper Mining System

Copper Mining in Zambia

Zambia plays an important role in the global copper mining industry. The country has the largest known reserves of copper in Africa. The mining industry in Zambia is expanding geographically from its traditional base in the Copperbelt to other parts of the country, where geological surveys suggest significant deposits of copper. Copper plays a critical role in Zambia's economy. Historically, the performance of the Zambian economy has followed the fortunes of copper mining closel.

Complete Small Scale Copper Mining System

There are many small quarry, mines operated all over the world, which have limited capital investment, or small working site, they can't afford large scale mining equipment. CME is world leading supplier and manufacturer of mining equipment. We have been dedicated in mining technology for long history and developed complete range of complete small scale copper mining system for sale, including quarry machine, mini copper extraction plant, crushing equipment, grinding mill, screening machine, conveying system, classifier, separation machine etc.

These small scale mining machinery has the benefits of small demension, low weight, easy operation and maintanance. They can be operated in 24 hours, the capacity ranges from 20tph, 50tph, 80tph, 100tph, 150tph, 200tph etc. We also customize mining solution according to your requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Small Scale Mining Plant Benefits

1. small floor space

2. flexible and reliable for various applications

3. easy operaton and maintenance

4. Low capital investment

5. High employment and regeneration opportunities

6. Maximum use of raw materials, local produce and human resources

7. Fully adaptable and adjustable levels of sophistication