Complex Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment

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Complex Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment

Complex iron ore

Complex iron ore is a kind of iron ore that associated with a variety of value elements of iron ore. Since iron is very active in nature, it is easy for it to combine with other elements to generate a variety of complicated compounds. There are many large-scale complex iron ore in the world, such as vanadium-titanium magnetite in Russia and the United States, chromite in South Africa and vanadium iron ore in China.

Beneficiation technology of complex iron ore

Conventional beneficiation technology can be used in the separation of complex iron ore. But there are occasions when the ore contains much siderite and limonite, which makes it difficult for us to improve the concentrate grade of iron ore. Fortunately, Shanghai CME Machinery Co., Ltd recommend you a beneficiation technology. That is weak magnetic-strong magnetic-flotation separation- magnetized roasting-reverse flotation process.

Complex Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment manufacturer

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