Copper Ore Centrifuge Separation Machine

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Copper Ore Centrifuge Separation Machine

Copper Ore Beneficiation Plant

CME is at the poineer in developing mining and beneficiation technology to meet modern requirements for high efficiency and low operating costs. As global supplier and manufacturer of crushing plant, grinding mill and beneficiation equipment, we developed comprehensive line of copper ore beneficiation plant for sale including extraction plant, crushing machine, grinding mill, screening machine, conveying system, flotation machine, gravity separator, spiral classifier, magnetic separator, furnace, dewatering machine, centrifugal separation machine, processing equipment etc.

We design cutting edge mineral processing and production solution according to customers' requirements. No matter you need a single equipment, or a complete production line, we will provide you best service. We also provide consulting service about engineering, design, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance.

Centrifuge Separator Technical Data

1. feed size: copper ores in the size range 0.5 - 10 mm, and coal in the size range 40 - 0.5 mm

2. diameter: 250 - 1500 mm

3. maximum density: 3 t/m3

4. capacity: up to 30 t/h.

Copper Ore Centrifuge Separation Machine

Gravity used to be the force for separating sediment from a liquid solution. The liquid would stand for a period of time while the solids settled to the bottom of the container. It is done differently today. A rapid circular force is created by mechanical means in a centrifuge. This force is used to separate various combinations of generally unmixable liquids, or liquids and solids, contained within the centrifuge.

Separation of copper, coal, chromite, baryte, fluorspar, etc. and for the concentration of particles in the intermediate size range, in particular those too small for conventional gravity-type separators but too large for froth flotation. CME provides high quality copper ore centrifugal separation machine for sale.