Magnetic Separator For Sea Sand

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Magnetic Separator For Sea Sand

Brief introduction about sea sand

Diamond, aventurine, sand platinum, quartz, rutile, zircon, monazite, ilmenite and other rare minerals enriched in the coastal sand were called sea sand. Sea sand ranked second in shallow sea mineral resources, and its value only after oil and natural gas.

The value of sea sand

Sea sand has enormous economic value and it is widely distributed, easy explored. All of this make it being the world's important mining resources of most of the monazite, cassiterite, zircon, ilmenite, rutile. The beneficiation of mercury ore deserves more attention in coastal nations.

Magnetic separator for sea sand

The magnetic separator manufactured by CME has high quality and advanced technology. The sea sand production line including screener, feeder, bunker, belt conveyor, magnetic separator and so on. The whole production line features with mobile convenience, high automaticity and easy maintenance.

Magnetic separator can be divided into dry-type magnetic separator and wet-type magnetic separator. The magnetic separator designed by our company have been exported to many countries and regions. Our company provide coastal countries with reliable equipment and technology to ensure the normal operation of sea sand production line. After years accumulation, our company has rich experience in the magnetic separation of sea sand.

In addition, the engineers in our company can recommend you a suitable sea sand production line according to your actual situation. We believe that our production line can bring your operating cost down and bring considerable benefits to you.