Sand Crushing Machine Supplier

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Sand Crushing Machine Supplier

Sand Crushing Process

Manufactured sand is a crucial material for construction industry. Since natural sand resource is limited. Manufactured sand making industry is highly developed in modern time. Manufactured sand making production operation consists of several different steps. The material will be crushed in primary crushing at the mine site before being transported to the processing plant. The following will be secondary and tertiary crushing process.

CME is world leading in sand making technology. As global sand crushing machine supplier, we provide complete series of sand manufacturing machinery for sale.

Sand Production Plant

You will find various kinds of crushing equipment involved with sand production plant. Gyratory crushers, jaw crushers, impact crushers, and cone crusher can be used for primary and secondary crushing. After crushing, material is further reduced to 50 micrometers (m) or finer by grinding. The grinded material then is classed by wet screening, dry screening, or air classification. At some plants, after initial crushing and screening, part of the sand might be shipped for final construction application. Sand washing plant will be used to clean the impurity and waste materials away making certain to create top quality artificial sand.

VSI Sand Crusher (Sand Making Machine) Supplier

CME B Series VSI sand crusher (sand making machine) is one of the most advanced impact crusher nowadays. It shows excellent performance in manufactured sand making process and produce high quality sand for construction industry. Due to high efficiency, low energy consumption, low operation cost and easy operation, this type of crusher is more productive than other kind of crusher and crushing equipment. As a world leading sand crushing machine supplier and manufacturer, we provide know-how sand crushing technology and high quality sand making equipment for building construction and road construction projects, mines and mineral plants, cement plants, making fire proof material, raw glass material and other industrial power processing units where resistance material is used.