Sand Screening Equipment

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Sand Screening Equipment

Production introduction

Sand screening equipment is used to screen out the different size of manufactured sand or aggregate. Water is sprayed onto the material throughout the sand screening process. So, sand screening equipment also works with washing machine. It is a multi-layer and high efficient vibrating screen. Sand screening equipment is widely used for grading and screening materials in the following fields: minerals, quarry, building materials, water conservancy and hydropower, transportation, chemical industry, smelting and so on. It has reliable structure and strong exciting force.

The sand screening equipment consists of screen box, supporting device, vibration exciter, transmission part, etc. The barrel-type vibration exciter is installed in the middle part of the machine. During normal operation, the vibration of exciter will drive the screen mesh fixed on the screen box vibrate, and then materials will be screened. The big and small materials fall from the upper side and lower side of the screen to get them separated.

Sand Screening Equipment Features and Benefits

1. High vibrating force with unique eccentric structure. Adopt advanced construction, making the vibrating force powerful.

2. The beam and case of the screen are connected with high strength bolts without welding.

3. Adopt tire coupling and soft connection makes operation smooth.

4. High efficiency, easy maintenance, sturdy and durable.

Sand Screening Equipment Manufacturer

Shanghai CME Mining and Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. provides complete teams of sand screening equipment. CME sand screening equipment has exported to Jordan, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan and lots of other countries. If you want to find out more information of sand screening equipment, please feel free to e mail us. We will provide you a cost-effective production line for you personally.